Friday, October 10, 2014


There is a pain,
Lurking inside,
Awakening now and then,
To lines of a favorite song,
Sentences of a treasured book,
Glimpses of a beautiful weather,
Bouts of trying situations, 
Moments of blank staring phases,
A pain that has lasted long enough,
That it’s a part of me,
A pain that I have begun to welcome,
That makes me smile with acknowledgement,
A pain that defies its definition,
That’s sometimes my only comprehending companion,
A pain that is you,
And a you that I have not yet defined completely.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The night continues,
till it could not get any darker,
and then begins greying, 
ready to break into another inconsequential day.
Something continues along,
through the beaming darkness,
sometimes scuttled,
and sometimes relaxed,
to break into another significant silence…

There is a sweetness in conversations,
that accompany the night’s journey,
in the initial hurry to keep pace with the night,
and the deliberate dragging to postpone the dawn,
in the childlike quandary,
whether to conclude in the morning, or pretend it never came,
in the thousand splendid smiles,
that hid behind the inky air,
in the few that caught the eyes,
with the darkness acquired vision…

There is a sense of high in conversations,
that accompany the night’s journey,
in the knowledge that sleep does osculate the other's eyes,
in their apparent attempt to not draw the brakes, 
in the shared longing,

for the rendezvous to last…