Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Void..

A void I have known,
befriended, loved, 
A void that filled my blog, gave me fodder for words,
A void unique in its existence, and creation,
that did not form from loss of mass,
that never housed anything before,
but formed by itself, some day, 
and traveled with me , until now.
A void I would never give up, 
A void that walked with me during my solitary strolls,
A void that I tripped over in pursuits of love,
A void that I went home to,
From any relationship.

A void that stares at me today,
In its half filled state,
In all its jealousy, 
When you walk next to me,
When your text pops up,
When I am smiling alone in the hospital corridor,

A void fills.