Monday, July 21, 2008

He Does Exist!

Not an atheist

Cos it needs courage,

A sense of doubtless supremacy

And an unshaken confidence

Not a theist

Cos it needs faith

A sense of doubtless supremacy

And an unshaken belief

It is in the midst I stand

In neutrality I so detest

Yet conclusion less search

And countless queries..

At the temple I stand

With all effort at devotion

Yet an uncertainty at the bottom

Eyes closed I pray, tightening at the doubts..

Guilt conquers

At my absence there

But it is conscience

That suffers by presence

Who am I cheating

The Lord or me

If He is uncheatable, the doubt is gone

But that’s where the doubt lies

God exists yes

But I want to feel Him

Cos Godliness is

But a feeling, truest and intense

Is it the same as the joy

That embraces notes of music

Slipping through the heart

Into the depths of the soul?

Is it the same as the ecstasy

Of words that spin a poem

Wrapping my all

With its completeness?

Is it the same as the tears

Pure and sweet

That love exudes

With its perception?

With every experience

I get filled

What fills I don’t know

But clarity I do gain

Life is but a search,

The journey of learning

Questions are the beginning

And Lord is the destination!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Expectation is..

Expectation is
but a retrospective realisation...
a long time desire,
finally blossoms into reality,
yet a paradoxical emptiness,
the apparent lack of fulfilment..

cos what you actually desire
you never know...

dreams you have
for the yours to be..
but you never find the one
that matches d dream..

but when someone you meet
and instantly know you have found him..
it is, but the confluence of reality
and of subconscious expectations...

something we name instinct...!!