Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Final 'Drop'

That last drop of rain,

What was it thinking,

When it slid down,

The thin blade of the fanning leaf,

Hanging on for a moment,

Before the ultimate fall..

Did the drop know,

It was the finale of a massive cascade?

Did the drop know,

It will have no retinues?

Did the drop know,

It is giving way to a clearer sky?


I want that tiny piece of water,

To know its fate,

And its nonexistent wake,

It makes a difference,

When I know that it knows..

That final diaphanous globe,

Sparkling from the already rising sun,

As it loosens the grasp,

From my eye lash,

And descends…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Effort

They are all around my eyes,

The lids..

My eyes are safe,

And I know they are there..

But I wanted to see those lids,

And in vain,

Brought them in front of my eyes,

Everything went dark…

It was like,

Seeing reason in a relationship…

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales
Don’t happen in real life,
Blame it on their definition,
a happy ending
Or their misapprehension,
The prince weds the princess
"they lived happily ever after

In life,
That’s when the story unfolds,
The roller-coaster begins,
And the journey together,
Is a blend
Of some lovely moments,
And some forgettable ones,
A mix
Of togetherness,
And yen for space,
An amalgam,
Of ostensible certainty,
And veiled doubts,
An intersperse
Of some generous shots of reality,
In between the cocktails of love..

Fairy tales do exist in real life,
With just a change of definition,
never ending
Or rather,
never beginning
Or perhaps,