Monday, November 28, 2011


Unsaid is a misnomer,

Silence, an understatement,

Pause, an irreverence..

When words flow effortlessly,

Punctuated by smiles and mirth,

Accentuated by wide eyed acknowledgements,

Splattered all over, running back and forth,

Between the conversing two,

At what moment do they cease the motion,

To freeze into soundless particles,

And rest for a priceless moment..

A moment when the breeze is appreciated

By slightly longer blinks,

When the twilight is welcomed

By extended untargeted gazes,

When the balcony is filled

With sudden beauty..

Was it cos of the dearth of words,

Or of an interminable flood?

Is it a hesitant start to the next topic

Or d lingering finale of a terminated discussion?


Steamy coffee mugs,






The interlude,

The indefinable moment,

The Intangible.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

That Four Letter Word

That unhurried leaf,
In its reluctant fall,
Sways all it can,
Strokes every trace of air,
Finally touching base,
In a feathery contact..

That hasty droplet,
In its confident fall,
Mindless of the direction,
Focused on the destination,
Pecks the floor hard,
In authority..

That precarious boulder,
In its abrupt fall,
Down the ever steep hill,
Bruised, modified,
Sharpened, mollified,
Rolls onto the ground,
In finality..

My fall?
That four letter word..
Oh its all the above!

And much more!