Thursday, November 26, 2009

Into the bangle,

They enter,

All five,

When they succumb to the boundaries,

'contain' themselves,

Bow down,

And then fit.

The bangle worn,

And the fingers again spread,

Free to move,

No boundaries outside,but within,

Not succumbin, but lettin in,

And life's easy


Its a test,

For all five,

And the sixth,

Its a bangle,




Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Up from the sands,
She rises..

Not from the sand hill I built
At the waves’ target,
Not the sands that send storms
That come and go and we forget,
Not the vast spread of desert sand
With a beginning and end to even that vastness,
Not the sands stolen and cumulated
To rise buildings skyhigh yet with finiteness..

But, from the sands of..


Why call it sands?
Cos time formed the sand clock,
Or vice versa..?


She rises,
From the sands of time..
The vast, the infinite,
The unforgettable, the target evader,

Time flows
And travels,
Endures life,
Evades death,
Races all parallel, but one..

It has a companion in its journey,
A fellow traveler,
A parallel…

Whose birth is unknown,
Whose death is impossible,
But whose existence is hidden,
And so she joins with time,
To move and keep herself going,
Handed over from generation to generation,
With mocking continuity,
Frightening timidity,
Lightening ability, when revealed,
But a tightening rigidity, when veiled…

She is…

The bear stares at me..
So does the hunter..

The world revolves,
They tell me,
By moving on and on,
And to move them, they let me..
Where they go,
I may know not,
But I know they take me places,
Places of my thought…

The bear revolves..
So does the hunter..

Times move too,
They insinuate..
Whenever I want time to stagnate..
To look at the dark heaven
Perched flat on the terrace,
A planetarium overhead,
An epilogue of my everyday
And to morrow, a preface..

The bear moves me..
And so does the hunter..

They never listen,
Yet I talk,
They never speak,
Yet I listen, stark..
I have never comprehended
Their sense of existence,
Big bang and others don’t strike my noodle,
Neither do I have my own pretence..

The bear listens to me..
And so does the hunter..

And it is this noncomprehension
That gives me faith and cover,
That never does sow a seed
For misunderstanding..
Cos to understand, I never try..
And it is this reason too
That I frequent this place,
Cos it tells me,
Distance gives ma solace..

The bear gives solace
And so does the hunter..

Stars take shape,
They form a bear and a hunter,
They form much more,
They show what all I reflect yonder..
You join the dots to get constellations,
I join along with them to form frames of life,
What all ran till date
And what all I want to run, a window of life..

The bear runs my frames,
And so does the hunter..

And sometime later,
The sky will be only my frames..
No bears, no hunters..
My territory, and new names..
Already I have conquered quite a bit,
And I can see my shapes staring back,
Yeah illusions alright,
Wet I will continue to babble,
Till tonight, I hit the sack..

The bear changes its shape,
And so does the hunter!

Cos Life Still Is...

I knew all along
that this was you
the person you are
and what all you would do..
I knew all along..

Love is not finding the person you love,
but loving the person you find..
and hence as the person i wanted you to be,
i drew your picture in mind..
love is not finding the person you love..

In the comfort zone i lay
not wavered by waves of rationality,
not wheedled by weeds of logic,
not bowdlerized by bouts of sanity..
in the comfort zone i lay..

I am shocked now, yes..
when the inevitable occured,
when my buried fears dusted themselves out,
when my wilful nonexpectations realised themselves,
when you finally walked out..
I am shocked now, yes..

But why..
not cos of the shock of misinterpretation,
not the shock of being lone,
not the shock of betrayal,
but the shocked state of loss of comfort zone..
But why..

cos life is..
but the victory over uncertainities,
and the victory is the comfort,
and the comfort is the state of feigned fulfilment,
feigned it always will be.. and hence i can keep making an effort..
cos life still is…..

Coffee With Morning

Redolent vapours,
bending to the tune of the breeze..
at the backdrop of a darkness shedding sky,
sprouting and mingling with air..

Dissecting my view of the window,
or rather transcending..
the vapours from the coffee mug,
in their upward morning journey again,
and mine, backward..

As i look on at the clearing sky,
miles away from home,
(it would just be darkening there)
with the aroma of the liquid ecstacy,
kindling reminiscences within..

whether its the coffee of morning
or morning of home,
the fragrance lifts the soul,
from atop this soulless skyscraper,
to an earth clutching, life filled
earthy and out of the world house,
called home....

As the addictive odour steals within..

Scoffing at the desktops,
jeering at the nibbles on the plate,
mocking at the never noticed clock,
sneering at the shindigs of the weekends,

A peace descends....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Am A Snake

I am a snake,

And I will tell you why,

Provided you promise something in return,

And I will tell you whats that in a while..

I am a snake,

Don’t you see the new layer

Around me, skin akin

By layer I mean people,

That wrap now, all around me like close kin…

I am a snake, this skin is quite new,

That formed by itself,

When the previous layer decided to wean off,

This was nature’s way or mine, to protect myself..

I am a snake,

I protect myself with a new layer

Everytime I lose one,

And I lose one

Everytime I protect myself with a new layer…

I am a snake,

My skins leave,

Never to turn back, never to grieve,

Yet do I say no to the new legion,

Or can I block those lanes inheart,

Through which, in they reeve..

I am a snake

And I have told you how,

Now keep your promise and do this,

Go ask the skin peeler and tell me now…

Do they sport scars beneath each skin too????