Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Return Home

Six years, and i return home,

My sister's not home anymore,

Married, and packed,

The most important event of her life,

And the new life she brought to the world,

The times when she needed support, comfort..

The child that i knew her as,

Her child now walks,

Completed his first talks,

All with me not much a part of.

My friends are nt around anymore,

Each to their work place,

Many married,

All with so much to tell me,

So many times needing me,

Many an anticipations of reunion,

Many a laughter,

Many a cribbing,

Many a tears,

All with me not much a part of.

My mom's grown more greys,

Her daughter's wedding!

The turmoil she went through,

The loneliness that embraced her,

The defensive social network she formed,

Her new granny status,

Her long awaited promotion!

So much to tell me,

But all went,

With me not much a part of.

My dad is suddenly an old man,

So much to share with me,

The 'gradual' years of his ageing,

The growing job pressures,

The lack of his shock absorbers at home,

The absence of a reply when he routinely cals my name on enterin,

The change in his energy, his strength,

His new little friend,

The new person he is to him,

his beautiful birth,

All went

With me not much a part of.

The city i grew up in,

Am a stranger here,

And i gawk at every new street,

It mocks at my absence,

At my nascentness,

At my blankness,

At my surprises, my shocks,

At my ineptitude,

At my losses,

And above all, at my gains!

Cos In all the years of knowledge,

Am confident of just one thing,

That my mom's crocin is paracetamol!