Sunday, June 9, 2013

In the battle with (for) life,
You toss a million things at(into) it,
And life has an answer,
Every single time.
Throw dreams,
Anything from your end…

And life lashes back at you,
Every single time,
Not with defeats,
Or failures,
Or ruins,
Or disasters,
Not with twists in the tale,
Or hairpin bends,
Or rainbow rains,
But with something as insipid,

As Mediocrity….

Sunday, May 26, 2013


A pyramid of cards
I built,
Stacking one card after another,
In a precise pact…
It took a hundred of them,
Carefully aligned,
To rise the structure,
It took, but just one skewed card,
To bring it all down.
Its like everything we build,

Hope makes sure,
We start rebuilding,
All over again,
Time makes sure,
It plays its part,

And very well at that….

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just Like That

What is it with
Pouring rain and looking up
When you know they cant happen in concurrence
When you know that the indiscernible drops
Would blur your vision anyway?

What is it with
Open eyes and vision
When you know they cant happen in concurrence.
When you know that reason and the lack of it,
Would alter your sight anyway?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Picture

As I followed the outline of the portrait,
Letting my eyes traverse every curve, every bend,
Every graphite residue
That pushed it away from the vastness of the paper,
Every one of the million points,
That conferred its shape,
Every stroke of brush and fate,
That escorted its evolution to a form,
Every detail and deviation,
That gave life to the figure....

The rest of the chart glared back at me,
Screaming a statement,
That it belonged in the picture
By staying away,
That it created the structure
By its non contribution,
That its conspicuous in the image
By its absence…

The frame is but life,
Carved by events,
That occurred,
And that did nt.