Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some moments...(inspired by vtv)

Some moments freeze
Perhaps it’s the coldness of it.

Years later,
Its still a picture,
Painted on my cornea,
Pointed at a deeper sense,
Tainted with todays,
Hinted with you..

Some moments are stilled,
Perhaps it’s the ineptitude of the participants.

Years before,
When I walked off,
When you stood staring,
But for my footsteps
With just silence between us,
And a lot more.

Some moments are silent,
Perhaps it’s the unfathomable clamor.

Did u wait as usual,
For me to turn and look at you?
Or u knew I wouldn’t..
I will never know.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Smile

A smile escapes,
my pursed lips.
When am alone,
And when am not,
When i talk,
And when i do not.
A smile escapes...
When i walk in rain
And when in heat,
When i walk in thought,
And when in just two feet.
A smile escapes...
When i laugh aloud,
Until tears shower,
When i cry out,
And laugh it over,
A smile escapes...
When I write,
And read it through,
When others read,
And mock or praise it anew,
A smile escapes…
When victory knocks
And I finish jumping around,
When it sinks in finally,
And I sit silence bound,
A smile escapes…
When I am defeated
Black and blue,
When gloom descends,
And life resides in a dark hue,
A smile escapes…
When all emotions exhaust,
Expressed to its possible best,
And yet the venting is incomplete,
And there is unsaid rest,
A smile escapes…

Cos the smile is me!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Dark road

A dark road,

A solitary light at one end,

Where i begin from,

To walk,

And there i decide,

To stop when the road is dark again..

A long long path,

Everything beyond is dark,

Except where i stand,

One more step,

And i may stop,

But that ground below

Is less darker than beyond,

Though more than behind..

So where do i stop?

How dark is the darkness stop?

The light at the back

smiles at me,

Pushing me with its rays,

Allowing me to share its stretch,

The dark is illusion, it says,

As long as it is behind me..

Does the light know,

I lit it?